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Pack house

The pack house is strategically located only 2 kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Proximity to the airport affords convenience especially in ensuring that the cold chain is maintained at all times. The pack house is currently accredited with BRC.

The packhouse operations are overseen by an experienced team headed by the packhouse manager with several supervisors. At any one time Wamu provides employment to over 200 casual workers who assist in the grading and packing. Through this nature of employment, we continue to promote self reliance.

Timely delivery of products to our customers is key; we have contracted reliable clearing and forwarding agents to ensure apt delivery of our produce. With a highly dedicated workforce of 40 permanent and over 200 casual staff, Wamu believes in empowerment and takes pride in having a female workforce of 80% of the total work population. We ensure continuous training on food hygiene and best practice and also give our permanent employees an opportunity to further their education though flexi hours and a healthy work-life balance. This has in turn resulted in highly motivated employees and a low turnover for both categories of staff. Our benefits are highly competitive and have driven Wamu into becoming an employer of choice for employees of choice.